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Essay on Poverty in 2021

14 May, 2021 | Editorial |

Essay on Poverty in 2021

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Poverty is the condition of being poor. It is very common in underdeveloped and developing nations. The poorest continent of the world is Africa. Poverty is such a thing that makes a person or a family devoid of basic shelter, clothing, and education. The other problems faced due to poverty are the literacy rate and unemployment. In Africa, there are many cases of malnutrition. The children in many places of Africa don’t get proper food in time, lesser sleep and education quality are low. It is one of the major causes of all the problems that the Earth is facing.

What are the Causes of Poverty?

There are many causes of Poverty however it is all man-made thing. The first major cause being overpopulation. Due to overpopulation, the division of resources becomes a burden. It is really tough for the Government in different countries to manage the resources through the normal budget. It is really tough to manage the basic needs like food, shelter, and education to the growing population.

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The other cause of poverty is lack of education. When there is no education there is no job creation. It negatively impacts the economy of the country. No new opportunities are being created. A jobless person cannot fulfill his daily needs. It hampers individual growth as well as the growth of the country.

Another major cause of poverty is Natural Disasters. In India floods are common, they destroy the properties of individuals. This makes people live in poverty for some time. Also, the events like that the Earthquake has the potential to destroy individual properties.

In many countries, war is also the major cause of Poverty. Due to the conflict between the nations, a major budget goes into the hands of the military. It hampers the growth of an individual and there is widespread poverty. One of the countries being Somalia. They have a long history of the Civil War. In India also due to the conflict with Pakistan, India is always forced to make the forces stronger. The budget allocated for military purposes is huge.


What are the Effects of Poverty?

There is a strong saying, the rich are getting richer, and the poor are getting poorer. A major disadvantage of being poor is the lack of food and nutrition followed by quality education. Children from poor families are devoid of education.

This further creates disharmony between survival and the environment. Children are forced into child labor where greedy people use them for exploitation of nature for their earnings. Poverty also results in a lack of cleanliness. People are forced to live in dirty places. People start moving towards another way like that of theft, robbery, or even Murder.


Conclusion. (An essay on poverty)

Poverty is one of the greatest social evils of all time. It is very important to help poor people get rid of Poverty. The Government can introduce the Universal Basic Income (UBL) so that at least everyone gets two times food a day and shelter to live.

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