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Essay on Racism

15 May, 2021 | Editorial |

Essay on Racism

stop racism

Racism is a belief where a particular race or community based on culture or color is greater than the others. One of the biggest examples of racism is atrocities to the Jews by Hitler. He had a preconceived belief that his Aryan race was superior to the Jews. There is also racism in the countries like Australia, the United States of America, UK, etc. In these countries, many white people believe that they are superior to black people or even Asian or Indian people. 

Racism is one of the evils in society. It is never to be justified. It gives stress to people, be it physical or mental. There are cases of harassment and bullying due to race. In India also Racism is prevalent in terms of North India, North East India, and South India. People of North Eastern India due to their skin tone and texture and eyelids. They are often called Chinese for bullying purposes.


We should never judge anyone based on race or color. Everyone is born equal with an equal amount of bodily features. It is tough when we do make others feel shame and attack them. The Narrow mindedness should stop otherwise a human will lose trust aga inst the human.


Racism makes feel a person sorry for being raised or born in a certain way. It is completely unscientific. There is no bigger or smaller race. Racism happens because of the lack of human values in the people.

Every person has an equal right to be represented in the public. Before the last 100-300 years, Black people were treated as slaves by the Whites. It was to prove their superiority over the blacks. Still today the black people are treated as if they are slaves. It is a very wrong practice and has to end.

essay on racism

Here are the 10 lines essay on Racism for Students.

  1. Racism is a belief where people think one kind of race is superior to the others.
  2. The deadliest case of Racism was that of Aryans v/s Jews.
  3. Hitler thought that the Aryan race is superior to the Jews.
  4. This resulted in the death of millions of Jews people who were about to lose their existence but they found their place in Israel.
  5. In the countries like USA, UK, and Australia, there is still the feeling of white supremacy which is wrong.
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  7. People pass derogatory comments over others, this is called Racist Slur.
  8. Racism is the social evil that is still prevalent.
  9. In India also Racial Slur is passed to North Eastern People, people call them Chinki, Chinese, Momo and many other things.
  10. North Eastern People are an integral part of India just like Blacks are of America, Australis, or United Kingdom.
  11. We should stop Racism at any cost to save humanity.

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