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Essay on rainy day for Kids in 2021

13 May, 2021 | Editorial |

Essay on rainy day for Kids in 2021

rainy day

A rainy day gives one of the most romantic feelings. In India, we have the season of monsoon where we have many rainy days. However, sometimes there is too much rain. It is tough for students to go to school.

Rain is very important for the plants. We see green plants and trees showing their elegance. They make the earth most beautiful. There are lot of flowers which are blooming. Farmers are also dependent on the rainy season for the growth of their crops.


Kids love to become wet in the rainy day. They like to play inside the home in the rainy day. We have to celebrate each and every drop falling from the sky in the rainy day. For this here is an essay for kids.

essay on rainy day

10 Lines Essay on Rainy Day in English

  1.  I like the Rainy day the most of all the days.
  2. Yesterday was a rainy day since then the weather is very cold.
  3. From my home I saw the rains falling to the streets.
  4. Each drop had their own song.
  5. After some time, the streets was filled with the water.
  6. In rainy day, we make paper boats and throw it into the water in the street.
  7. I love to see the boat floating towards the other house.
  8. After the rain yesterday, I also saw the rainbow.
  9. The rainbow was very beautiful.
  10. I love to see the rainbow in the rainy day with sun shining in the sky.

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