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Essay on Reading and its Importance 2021

18 May, 2021 | Editorial |

Essay on Reading and its Importance 2021


Reading is one of the best habits required in order to keep the learning process alive. It is good because it nurtures us with knowledge. Reading is all about exploring a whole new life and a whole new world. In the beginning, it is tough to get a perfect reading habit but the speed comes with the experience.

A person having a good reading habit can finish a 250-page book in just a few hours. Reading books also helps in learning new words and improving memory. However, it is also very much important to read good books. The best thing to start with is reading a spiritual book that makes you think about yourself.


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10 lines essay on Reading and its Importance.

Books are one of the best friends of human beings. Whenever we are depressed or feeling anxious, we can take out our favorite novel and start reading. Our mind goes into the narrative of the author and we start feeling relaxed. Let’s see few lines on the importance of reading.

essay on reading
  1. Reding helps us in improving our way of thinking.
  2. Reading is important because it m akes us more knowledgeable.
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  4. Reading improves our communication skills.
  5. Reading is important because it helps us in having a larger vocabulary.
  6. It reduces stress levels and makes us feel good.
  7. Reading improves our imagination.
  8. Reading is important in order to develop analytical skills.
  9. On the trains, we have long journeys, reading book reduces our boredom.
  10. Reading improves the relationship between mind and body.
  11. Reading fiction and fantasy stories gives you pleasure which further makes you happy.

Conclusion: Essay on Reading

Developing a reading habit is very important in one’s life. We can start today by reading at least a few pages. Spending daily one hour on books gives you pleasure as well as knowledge. We can sit at the library or the garden to feel the nature while reading books. This gives the best kind of feelings.

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