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Essay on Road Safety

14 May, 2021 | Editorial |

Essay on Road Safety

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Road Safety is very important. There are many cases of road accidents. People lose their lives due to the carelessness of either driver or themselves. It is very important to understand the road safety measures so control the deaths caused due to the accidents.

 One of the major causes of road accidents is the carelessness of the drivers. Highspeed diving, drink and drive, and overtaking are three major carelessness. The Governments have introduced rules for road safety. In this essay, we are going to see these rules of road safety. 

essay on road safety

Essay on Road Safety

  1. Roads are used by almost every person for travel purposes.
  2. There are many cases of road accidents every day.
  3. The major cause of road accidents is the carelessness of the drivers.
  4. We should be very careful to cross the road.
  5. We should follow all the road safety measures.
  6. There are different colored lights in traffic, we should cross the road by following these lights.
  7. The red signal means stop for a vehicle.
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  9. Green signal means to go for a vehicle.
  10. A yellow signal means to stop and go for a vehicle.
  11. These signals are for the drivers, we should cross the road when the signal is red and no cars are moving.

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It is very important for all the drivers to take up the driving course. It is well known fact that life is short, we shouldn’t make it shorter by becoming careless. In fact we should learn and teach other people about the road safety measures. Incoming Search Queries: road safety essay 10 lines, essay on road safety class 12, essay on road safety pdf, essay on road safety week in English, road safety speech essay, road safety essay in english pdf download, article on road safety