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Essay on Soldier in 2021

16 May, 2021 | Editorial |

Essay on Soldier in 2021


Soldiers are one of the most valuable assets of the Nation. They are the Guardian of our borders. During the time of emergency situations including natural disasters, they sacrifice their life to save us. Soldiers are the true Patriot. One of the greatest regiments of India, Gorkha Regiment has a saying if someone is saying he is not afraid of death, he is lying or either a Gorkha. There are many other regiments that have posed great responsibility for the Nation.

What are the Duties of a Soldier?

The duty of a soldier is to protect their nation from foreign attacks. They also protect us from disasters and emergency cases. A soldier cannot be selfish and should have a great love for the Nation. India has one of the biggest armies in the world. Being a soldier is a matter of pride.

The life of a Soldier is not easy. They have to stay away from the family. However, the people of the nation become a family for them after joining the Armed Forces. Soldiers face numerous problems in life. They have to maintain strict discipline

and live a compromised life. Yet, they manage to do their duties at best. We sleep peacefully because of them. They protect us from attacks from foreign nations.

essay on soldier

A Soldier always honours his duty. In times of difficulties they never look back. There is no stepping back once we become a soldier. Life gives chances to only those who deserve best. To become a Soldier there are certain eligibility criteria. One must be fit enough and should have a great commitment.

A soldier always maintains the harmony of the country. In the Borders, a solider has his own responsibility. A soldier knows when to act and how to act in every situation. We can learn from the Soldier about the discipline and commitment.

Life of a Soldier in India.

In India, we have three forces, Air Force, the Navy, and the Army. Members of these forces are the soldiers. They have a good life inside their camps. Indian Government has provided almost all the facilities to live. Their family gets access to treatment in the defense hospitals, their children are entitled to proper study, they get products at special prices,s and many more.


However, those who serve in the cold borders, don’t enjoy such facilities. In the Borders like Siachen and other icy areas everything freezes. The fluids like milk and juice become rigid, you need a hammer to break the eggs, yet they are rigid from Inside. We can say the life of a Soldier is good and worst at the same time.

What are the Challenges Faced by Soldiers?

To be accepted as a soldier is not easy. There are rigorous pieces of training. Sometimes they are too harsh. Strict discipline must be maintained. It misbalances their emotional stability. However, the training makes them perfect. They are trained in such a way that they don’t get time to celebrate festivals. During the festivals, they are busy protecting our borders. Soldiers are always away from the family, this makes them feel lonely however their commitment to serve the nation is something that makes them strong.

What we can learn from a Soldier?

Everyone is a soldier if they follow the lifestyle of a soldier. The world is like a war place where your enemy is your struggle. You have to win over your struggles to lead a life of dignity and honor. It takes a lot of time to earn honor and respect in society. You have to lead a life perfectly by becoming a soldier from within. Jai Hind.




Some FAQs on Essay on Soldier

Q.1 What is importance of soldier?

A.1 A soldier is a trained individual who protects our nation from the internal, external and natural enemies like disasters . They are important because without them our nation would be no safe place to live.

Q.2 What is a Soldier?

A.2 A soldier is a trained individual who protects our nation from the internal, external and natural enemies like disasters

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