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Essay on Sports and its Importance

14 May, 2021 | Editorial |

Essay on Sports and its Importance


Sport is any activity that helps in gaining physical perfection and skills. There are many forms of sports. They are basically divided into indoor sports and outdoor sports. Indoor sports are those which are played inside the four walls. Outdoor sports are those which are played in the open ground. One of the oldest forms of outdoor sports is bow and archery. Be it indoor or outdoor sports, they both develop a character of an individual. To make us fit and healthy it is very important. Sports maintain our blood levels, maintain our calories, and gives us a perfect and fit body.

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Benefits of Playing Sports

First of all, there are various benefits of playing sports. One of the major being physical fitness. It gives us a good heart. As we know that health is wealth, we must do our best to protect this wealth. Sports are only the item that can give us both entertainment and physical fitness.


In India the most popular sport is Cricket. It is played in almost every street. Be it rural area or urban area the craze for this sport has reached new peaks. People play it for the fun but it also gives physical fitness. Another game that is widely played in India is soccer, it is of short duration than cricket but it burns more calories. This helps in maintaining our hearts. To make it pumping, we need to sweat perfectly.

essay on sports

Sports maintain our bold levels too. The blood vessels remain clean always. It also reduces the stress level in individuals and gives a better immune system. Another benefit of playing a sport is, it maintains the blood sugar level. It also maintains the cholesterol level in the body.

Any form of sports gives good quality of breathing. So it is certainly a good thing to consider to improve the quality of our lungs. It improves our lung quality. The result is more and more oxygen enters the body which also burns more calories. The one who plays any form of sports has lesser chances of getting heart and lung diseases.


It also maintains the weight and the quality of bones. A perfect weight is given only by exercise and sports in one of the best exercises.

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Phycological Benefits of Sport.

Sport also has many phycological benefits. Sports help to accept the reality of winning and losing. In life, there are many things where we cannot believe we lost. However, in sports one can accept that winning and losing is always a part of the game. One cannot be always victorious and one cannot be always a loser.


Sports also maintain a perfect lifestyle. People can think better, have discipline, a proper routine, and many other things. It improves our social life also.

Conclusion: (essay on sports)

Sports is one of the most essential things for maintaining healthy lifestyle. It has many benefits be it from physical to phycological. Everyone must choose the best form of sports suited to them and improve the quality of life. Just like an Education, it is very much important for everyone.

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