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Essay on Success in 2021 (best)

18 May, 2021 | Editorial |

Essay on Success in 2021 (best)


Success is something that is not achieved in a single day. There is a famous proverb Rome was not build in a single day. This is a fact because success depends on the efforts and hard work that we put. There is also an element of smart work. Sometimes, to achieve success we need to focus on smart hard work rather than just hard work.

Everyone wants success but very few of them know how to achieve it. There is a variation of perspectives with the word success. People have different views, however, one thing to be agreed upon is doing smart hard work. Hard work is done even by a coolie but the ones who are successful are smart enough to do smart hard work.


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How to be smart enough to achieve success?

The best thing a successful person has is the knowledge of what he/she is doing. We need to be perfect in the things which have the potential to make us succeed. There are many people who say there are college dropouts who become successful. It is just a single statement with no proper value. The dropouts like Mark Zuckerberg are the dropouts from the best universities. They already had the skills to become successful. The smartest thing for success is to build any skill first with deep theoretical knowledge.

In most cases what happens is people keep on reading theoretical stuff which they don’t apply practically. It is because of the confusion of whether to use one kind of technique or the other. So, it is very important to have only one kind of skill and do hard work to become perfect in it. For example, Jack Ma and Elon Musk had the skills to become successful through their hard work. There is no better than them in certain skills which no one has.


Sometimes, people compare the performance with the success. However, performance is not a measure of success. Getting good marks in your favorite subjects is not a measure of success. It is all about learning perfectly. When you learn perfectly there are certainly good marks.

essay on success

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Why success can be dangerous sometimes?

Success doesn’t always bring fulfillment or complete happiness. It also brings a lot of stress. The pressure is high to complete the works in a given time. There is also harm in social life. Sometimes, a small loss can make them depressed. It is all said that money cannot buy all happiness.

Also, there is certainly carelessness in the use of resources after someone becomes successful. From the usage of electricity to water all increases. This results in the exploitation of natural resources. Some people are so much into a success that they forget the greatest problem that Earth is Facing now due to pollution.


Conclusion: Essay on Success

Success is certainly not achieved in a single day. The only way to get success is smart hard work. We have to learn and become perfect in our skills. There are many cons associated with success, one must understand each and everything before in order to avoid harm.

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