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Essay on Sun

17 May, 2021 | Editorial |

Essay on Sun

essay on sun

The sun largest object that shines in our solar system. Sun is also a star. All the eight planets revolve around the sun. Sun contains hot plasma. There are continuous nuclear fusion and fission reactions that cause it to glow. Scientists say Sun is approximately 4.5 Billion years old and the universe is 13.8 billion years old. Let’s see the details of the sun

Essay on Sun in English.

The sun and the solar system are thought to be of the same age. It has been studied by understanding the rocks of the moon. Scientists say that the rock in the moon has existed at the same age as the sun. The giant ball of the sun is believed to be having red in color, however, it is actually white in color. It has all the colors actually whose combination is white. This is why we see the rainbows. 


Sun is made up of two gases majorly. They are hydrogen and helium. The presence of hydrogen is 70% and the presence of helium is 28%. Sun also contains other gases in-fraction. They are namely carbon, oxygen, nitrogen. Sun also has elements like Silicon, Sulfur, Magnesium, etc. Scientists say that the sun is 4 lakhs time brighter than the full moon.

essay on sun

Sun in Indian Folklore

Sun is treated as a god in Indian religions. It is because due to the sun only life is possible on Earth. In the places like Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, Chhath Puja is celebrated in the name of the Sun. There is one famous story of Lord Hanuman from Ramayana. Once, Hanumana was hungry, he was looking for something to eat. He saw the sun in the sky. He thought the sun to be mango. Hanuman took a flight with his powers and went to eat the sun. This story is to prove the importance of the sun. Today we know that sunlight is actually food for the plants.

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Photosynthesis and Sun

Photosynthesis is a process through which plants use sunlight for converting light energy into chemical energy. This energy is further released for the metabolism. Herbivore animals eat plants. Further, the carnivore animal eats the herbivore animal. Human beings also survive on products based on plants and animals only. So, the sun is the first form of energy responsible for the process of life on the earth.

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Importance of Sun.

It is well known fact that our energy sources are getting exhausted. The solar power is only the solution. It can give electric energy to us through solar cells.

If there would have been no sun, there would have been no existence of planets in our own solar system. All other planets go around the sun. So no sun means no photosynthesis, no photosynthesis means no life.

Conclusion of the Essay on Sun

The sun is very important for life on Earth. It also has the potential to provide fuel to Earth for crores of upcoming years. Sun is only the alternate form of energy that is clean. We must motivate others to use solar power.


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FAQ of Essay on Sun

Question 1: How do you write a Sun essay?

Answer 1: You can write sun essay by mentioning the facts about the sun.

Question 2: Why is the sun important essay?

Answer 2: Sun is important for successful survival of the life. It is essential for photosynthesis. Sun is also alternate form of energy.

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