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Essay on Technology for Students in 2021

11 May, 2021 | Editorial |

Essay on Technology for Students in 2021

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Technology is a matter of debate across various areas. Whether it has positive or negative impacts are the hot topics of essays and debates. There is a strong misconception in people regarding technology. People often think that technology is there in recent days only. However, it has been there with us since the history of mankind started. Let’s see how.

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What is technology?

Technology is a sequence of ideas that have generated something useful for humankind. In ancient times people had developed technology for hunting in the form of stone tools. We can say stone tools to be one of the earliest technology. Today we have reached the practice of Artificial Intelligence. It is the latest technology developed by humankind. However, innovation happens daily and technology gets generated and destroyed

on a daily basis.

Essay on Technology – A Boon or Bane?

There are various people who debate whether technology is a boon or a bane. It is certain that there are many positive aspects of technology. However, if we take and example of industries and automobiles we can say that it has disadvantages too. This is in the form of pollution. The burning of fossil fuels has caused the world’s biggest problem i.e. global warming.

The similarity between Technology and Science (for essay).

There is a phrase marriage between science and technology in academia. The direct meaning of this is science and technology are dependent on each other. Science is a form of knowledge that is used to form a better technology.

Vital Part of our Life.

Technology is a vital part of our lives. There are technologies that are being developed on daily basis to make human life more comfortable and easy. Technological advancement is directly responsible for a country’s growth. We can say technology is evolving and many countries are transiting from being developing to developed.


Negative Aspects of Technology

There are various negative aspects of technology. It is for sure that there are both positive and negative aspects of everything. Let’s see few negative aspects of technology in this essay on technology for students.

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Global warming and Pollution.

The biggest problems of modern technology is, it causes pollution and global warming. Due to global warming and pollution we have already lost lives of many species. There are various other which has been completely wiped off from the earth.

The exploitation of Natural Resources

It is certain that new technology requires the use of natural resources. However, these are being exploited in a large manner in order to create new technology for the people.


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Unemployment due to artificial intelligence

A machine has the capacity to replace human labor. This is one of the biggest problems happening due to technology.

FAQs on Essay on Technology

Q.1 What is Information and technology?

A – It is a form of technology that processes the information and makes it suitable for common use.

Q.2 Is technology harmful to humans?

 A – Technology is not harmful unless it is carefully used.

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