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Essay on Time

13 May, 2021 | Editorial |

Essay on Time

time management

Time is the essence of everything. It is very precious and we must use each and every second of life without wasting it. Time is more valuable than money. We have to use it in a better and correct way so that there is respect for the Time.

Importance of Time

In Indian scriptures and books, time is personified as God. It is because without time there is no existence of anything. The planet revolves around the sun because of Time, the water flows in the river because of time, we live because of time, we take birth because of time and we die because of time. It is hence the essence of our existence. If we utilize the time in better way, we will certainly get success in life, however if we use it in wrong way we are bound to destroy our future.


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How to Utilize the Time?

We often waste time in various activities, terming it to be time pass. Some watch television, some play cricket, some play ludo and some read comics. It is important to follow our hobbies but again doing it all the time is a wastage of time. We should manage our time in a better way.

Firstly we should have a proper goal and perfect preparation in order to utilize the time properly. Sometimes, we wake up at 12 pm in the afternoon and sleep at 11 PM, it is a complete wastage of time. It should be ensured that we sleep what our body required, not more or less than that.

essay on time

There has to be long-term and short-term setting up the goals. When we achieve our short-term goals we get satisfied and get motivated to go for the long-term goal. This also helps us to be productive and live a wonderful life.


Managing time is one of the most difficult tasks to complete. During the initial days it looks boring but when time passes by it remains with us. Later on we realize that the best thing that we did was we invested in the time perfectly by being productive.

Another way to utilize the time properly to rank our work on priority. The most essential items need to be done first. For example, there is a social function going on, and you want to sleep. Here you must compromise sleep in order to go to the social function. This makes you social. During school time you must focus on your class works, and at home, your first priority must be to complete your homework.

You should also remember to care for your health because health is wealth. While prioritizing other stuff you must keep the health in the first place.

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How to understand the Value of Time?

There is a wonderful saying if you want to understand the value of time ask a person who was late by one minute and the flight already took off. Sometimes, we don’t value the time, it results in failure. However, when we understand the value of the time we can achieve great feats.



Time is the most valuable asset of one’s life. We have to ensure that we utilize the time for the greater good. We also have to make sure that we maintain a balance between health and the utilization of time.

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