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An essay on water for kids and students.

12 May, 2021 | Editorial |

An essay on water for kids and students.

essay on water

Water is the most important thing that makes life happen. It is only the substance that makes us live. There is more than 76 percent of water in our body. In a similar way, the earth has more than 71 percent of the water. However, most of them cannot be consumed because of the saltiness.

Sea and Ocean water contain harmful types of salt which we cannot consume. The largest freshwaters on earth can be found in glaciers and rivers. It is very much essential for each one of us to save each drop of water because it is precious. The only substance that regulates life. However, due to human activities water is being polluted at large causing water pollution.


Composition of water?

Water is made of up two elements of hydrogen and one element of oxygen. These elements are bonded through the hydrogen bond. In the seawater, there are various salts attached to the water. It makes seawater harmful for consumption.

Why there can be a crisis of water in the future?

As we are aware of climate change. The natural water sources are drying up and glaciers are melting. Our freshwater sources are moving towards the oceans. This is one of the biggest challenges that the earth is facing.

Due to water pollution, there is also contamination in the freshwater. We have to save each and every drop of water in order to safely function the life process on the earth.

Why and how to save Water?

As we already discussed the fact that fresh water is scarce. Climate change is causing the sources to dry up. We have to save water at any cost.


 Simple techniques of not leaving the tap open while brushing the teeth. Using bucket water instead of water. Installation of rainwater harvesting etc. Here is the list of 10 methods of saving water.

essay on water

An essay on water.

  1. Don’t leave the tap water open while brushing the teeth.
  2. Use bucket instead of using showers.
  3. Encourage people to do rainwater harvesting and use the rainwater by filtering it.
  4. Monitor your water usage on your water bill
  5. Share your knowledge about saving water with the neighbor.
  6. Turn off the tap while shaving.
  7. Check the leaks in your pipelines.
  8. Plant the trees or flowers that require less water.
  9. While you wash the dishes, don’t let the water flow continuously.
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  11. Control the usage of water while washing the clothes.


It is very important to save water. The process of saving water starts in the home. Whatever you know share it with others. It is evident that due to rising water pollution, aquatic animals are dying. It is also important to control water pollution too.

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