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Essay on Winter Season in English

16 May, 2021 | Editorial |

Essay on Winter Season in English


Winter is one of the best seasons for the kids. We have four seasons in India, the winter season is one of the seasons in these four. It starts in December and Lasts till March. The coldest months are December and January. However, the places like Maharashtra and the southern parts of India experience almost similar kinds of temperature all the year. In the northernmost part of the Himalayas, the temperature goes to extremely low levels where life is completely not possible. Here is the 10 line essay on the winter season in English.

essay on winter season

Essay on Winter Season for Kids

  1. Winter is the coldest season of the year.
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  3. I like the winter season because we can go to different places freely without being afraid of the sun.
  4. In India, the winters can start as early as October and end as late as April.
  5. December and January are the coldest months of the year.
  6. The coldest months fall in the winter season.
  7. The Winter Season has the shortest day of the Earth that falls on 22nd December every year.
  8. People prefer to have hot soups and hot dishes in the winter season.
  9. People wear warm clothes in the Winter Season to avoid getting ill from the cold.
  10. Quilt and Blankets are used to cover the body while sleeping.
  11. In some places of India, there is heavy rainfall in the Winter Season.

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Winter is a very important season for the Glaciers. In India, mostly the fresh waters

are found in glaciers. The Ice gets collected during the winter season in these glaciers. They keep on giving the waters to us when the temperature becomes warm.

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