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The destiny   “Worry less than you think you should be’’ A few worrisome days back, I went from being blond to blue. The habits mercilessly killed my dreams. However, I worried and cared much about the past and feared future. The anatomy had changed since the power of destiny I believed was going to […]

Nature Culture is a relationship that has been considered deeply in various philosophies. It gives us an idea that Nature and Culture are mutually co-existent. For a long time, there was an idea that Nature and Culture are separate entities called having Nature Culture dichotomy. However due to constant interrogation of the scholarly ideas has […]

Forests are important for mitigating Climate Change because they provide one of the most important strategies to deal with climate change i.e. Carbon Sink. Here are a few facts from the Article. Forests act as one of the Major Carbon Sinks. The loss and degradation of forests across the globe has been one of the […]

“Don’t be afraid to fall, rise again and success will follow“. It’s a common saying but it stuck my head when I read it in my sister’s book. Since that day this had been my motto. Today, Scientific Nation is presenting a story in the own narrative of a young entrepreneur. Let’s see what she […]