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From cake-aholic to a hobbyist, story of support, and non-patriarchal connections of Subarna.

12 Aug, 2020 | Editorial |

From cake-aholic to a hobbyist, story of support, and non-patriarchal connections of Subarna.

The beginning.

As said by Winston Churchill, ‘To be really happy and really safe, one ought to have at least two or three hobbies, and they must all be real’. Today Scientific Nation is presenting you the story of another hobbyist who is actively involved in cooking and baking with creativity. Subarna Paudyal was born in Kalimpong, West Bengal. She did her early schooling from Prashanti Academy followed by Bright life Academy, Kalimpong. She says “ I am a daughter of a small businessman having a general store, his endeavors are highly influential for a daughter like me who is curious to learn about business”.

Subarna with her father

Father, a true influencer.

A father is the one who always supports his daughter and cheers her up. It is a true foundation of the system of non-patriarchal society. She started giving right hand to father since the 4th Standard itself. He always supported her and conveyed his acquaintances  “She is my right hand”. It was to cheer her up. She says “When I reached class XI he used to give me responsibilities of our business. He used to travel and come back home after 10 to 15 days, those days I used to be the in-charge of the store. Also, once in a weekend, he would leave the store in my hands and as a curious and responsible daughter I never said no as I wanted to learn to handle business”.


The baking connection.

She was less interested in cooking but liked trying to make pizza and baking cakes in a pan and cooker. She says  “ I was very crazy for cakes and pastries. I remember I was in class VII, with one of my friend who was also my desk partner named Manju, collecting and saving pocket money together we used to have Rs 50 each. Once a week on the way to school we used to buy pastries and from the very 1st  period in a class placing pastries box under the desk and gulping with one finger we would finish before the short interval. This was my love for cake and pastries.

Disappointments and Transformation

After the Higher second ary education from Girls’ High School Kalimpong, she became more interested in baking along with eating. She says  “ I thought of joining a bakery shop to learn more about it, I went to one of the famous bakery stores in the town however I was disappointed when the owner said “No Admission, Sorry”, we don’t teach to strangers’

. This disappointment made her move on with the flow of life. She joined Cluny Women’s College, Kalimpong for Graduation started her new journey.

The ideal support  

Subarna with her husband.

She got married a couple of years after graduation to the person whom she loved. They shifted to Bangalore. It was all of a sudden that one day her husband asked to join a baking class with a home-baker who was his friend. It was his underprop to transform her hobby into a profession. She started learning the professional way of cooking and baking. She says “ My husband has been always supportive and helped me to gather all the equipment and tools for baking from the oven to other stuff, it was a great gesture by him and this is the kind of support that every girl wants in the life. She learned and started all in record time. In very less time she learned making donuts, cake pops, variety of cupcakes, swizz roll, etc, and added them to the wish list of business. Initially, she started with family members, eventually, she started taking orders from her neighbors. For marketing purposes, she used the WhatsApp group and added her customers so that they could taste the flavor of happiness and joy.

From cake-aholic to a professional hobbyist.

She started marketing her products through Facebook and WhatsApp. She was getting popularity in the neighbors but sometimes there is a sudden break given by nature to start big. She and her husband shifted back to Siliguri due to some unavoidable circumstances. Now, Subarna is planning to set up a happening café where people will meet and enjoy the fresh and baked items curated by her. She is also planning to accept the orders for a variety of functions like wedding, anniversary, birthday, etc. to grow in large which is part of her marketing strategy. See below her designs. They Look so Yummy!


She says “Love what you do, surround yourself with what you love. My inspiration is my father who unknowingly gave me a knowledge of doing business. I am always thankful to my husband who always supported me in each and every decision”. Her story proves that there is always a way for a girl if it is non-patriarchal and supportive to the women. Let’s make the society a non-patriarchal by letting the dogmas go away far from the lives. Equality Matters in life.

On last line she puts up her favorite quote by Wayne Dyer “Doing what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance in your life”

You can visit her Facebook page below. Don’t forget to share the story.

The story was referred by Gunja Sharma from Sikkim whose hobby is gardening. She is a professional teacher involved in teaching and nurturing kids in her own way. She says ‘flowers represents life which are not for sale’. Let’s protect nature and save life.