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From love for books to an artist, and a perfect relationship between sisters.

25 Oct, 2020 | Editorial |

From love for books to an artist, and a perfect relationship between sisters.

“Don’t be afraid to fall, rise again and success will follow“. It’s a common saying but it stuck my head when I read it in my sister’s book. Since that day this had been my motto.

Today, Scientific Nation is presenting a story in the own narrative of a young entrepreneur. Let’s see what she has to say about her journey. She says says “Hi! I, Surbhi Goel, born and bred in New Delhi in a Middle-class business family.

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Being from a conservative family, it’s difficult to have an informal relationship with your parents. But the blessing was their urge to give us good education that made me a strong girl today. Growing up with an elder sister and a younger brother had been an adventure and the best thing in my life. The bond we share is enormous. Everything I learned in my life, I learned from my Sister, from how to talk and walk to how to be strong, generous, honest, and successful. She is only three years elder than me, but she is there for me as Mother, a Friend, a Teacher, and a mentor”.

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I did my Masters in Computer Application. But I am seriously in no way a computer geek, in fact, I had no interest in that field, but sometimes parental pressure makes you do things you loathe.

It was then I decided to start something that interests me, so I started with my first interest “reading”. Since I loved books, I started a small business, a Book box named Reader’s Spot. Every month I chose a theme and made a box with theme-related stuff and some books in it. I started marketing and selling with Instagram.

Things were going well until the workload increased. My only support in all this was my sister who got married before I started this business. Then with undue circumstances and merely any support, I had to halt my business. But the urge to keep the name Reader’s Spot going, and having something of my own. I decided to restart after some time with something new, something that I can do without any labor or support.

Hard work pays.

As they say, hard work never goes waste. The skills I learned while running the book box business gave me a new direction, showed me a new path. It was then that I became an Artist, a Crafter, and a Card maker. The interest required lots of new things to be learned and to brush up my skills. I researched, and I experimented. Thanks to my master’s degree and the internet. I learned new techniques, Designing on High-End Computer Softwares, Calligraphy,

and much more.

I began my Art career with “Parker Calligraphy Set” and little old school stationery lying around my house. With self-training, I figured out the whole new world of Stationery and Art techniques. Instead of spending my parent’s money on fancy clothes, shoes, and makeup, I treated myself with Craft Supplies. I remember the time when I would save every penny to buy products from my wish list to make new projects.

With this, I started selling my work. Each and everything I make; I pour my heart into it. And what makes it worth is the happiness and excitement of the person buying it, and that is what makes me keep going. Within a few months, I started posting them on Facebook and WhatsApp. I have worked hard and enjoyed working day and night with more than 200 happy clients so far. Who knew I would pursue art as my career after spending five years in the IT department. In beginning, it was hard as I was the one calling all the shots, with financial constraints, but being able to work on projects I love, is absolutely wonderful. From one incomplete business to another successful one I learned that “there will be highs and there will be lows, it’s all about the hustling and refusing to ever give up.”


There were many challenges, family drama, money problems, staying motivated, self-doubt, but it’s all about chasing your dreams and putting all your efforts to fulfill the dream. Lately, I am putting all my efforts to this venture and starting line of many new products.

Thanks to those amazing feedbacks and love. I am successfully running my small initiative for the past 2 years with the support of my siblings as well as my parents.

“Running a business is a challenge but it’s not every day that you get to follow your dreams”. You can see my designs below.

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