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Story of Aditya, a Marine Engineer Officer and Man of commitment.

This is the story of a person who went on to become an Engineer in the Merchant Navy from a Scout boy in School. It is rightly said “Every pro was once an amateur. Every expert was

Realizing Dream, Story of Zakir from Jammu and Kashmir

Zakir Mohiudin Peer from a small village named Villigam in Jammu and Kashmir’s, Kupwara district says. ” I wanted to become a doctor but, I ended up choosing B.Sc.”. It was because he couldn’t clear the NEET

NASA detects evidence of a parallel world.

Have you ever wondered about the existence of another world? If not then you are not interested in Science at all. Ancient religious texts say there is another world called Heaven. It might be just a fantasy

It is possible to predict Earthquake.

Why Earthquake Happens? The reason for the earthquake in India and Nepal is understood well. The northern parts of India and Nepal are more prone to earthquakes because two of the tectonic plates have a strong joint.