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Is 100% marks in mathematics possible? see how Jai Ram, a Govt. Teacher pulled it up.

20 Aug, 2020 | Editorial |

Is 100% marks in mathematics possible? see how Jai Ram, a Govt. Teacher pulled it up.

Early Days

Jai Ram a senior mathematics teacher from Govt. Senior Secondary School, Harmada, Jaipur. His father worked as a daily wage worker and his mother was a housewife. His brother is currently working in a private company and his two sisters are married. He was born to a poor family, yet he was able to achieve what he desired. He did his early schooling from Govt. Senior Secondary School, Murlipura Scheme followed by higher schooling from Govt. Senior Secondary School, Harmada. He completed his graduation from Subodh College, Jaipur followed by a Master’s degree in Physics and Hindi from NIMS University and Rajasthan University respectively. Before joining government service he has improved the future of most students by teaching them in private educational institutions for 11 years. Altogether he has 18 years of teaching experience which makes him very much influential. 


The Teaching Career.

Jai Ram started his career from a small school named Subodh Public School in 2002 in Jaipur Rajasthan. Afterward, he got an opportunity to work in the prestigious Vivekananda Vidhya Bhawan Senior Secondary School Jaipur for the next four years. In the board examinations, his 10th-grade students were able to get 100% marks in the Mathematics subjects which was a record. He then worked in Aasha Niketan School as a Lecturer of mathematics. Here also some of his students were able to get 100% marks in mathematics. One of his students, Deepak Agarwal is currently serving as an RAS officer and others are also in reputed posts like that of Rajasthan Administrative Services and Scientific Officer in Rajaraman Center of Advanced Technology.  Later on, Jai Ram worked in the
institutions like Ample Academy Jhunjhunu, 3D classes Dausa, Tegore Academy Bharatpur,Axiss Classes Hanumangarh, and Aakash Institute Delhi. He was then appointed in Govt. school as a senior teacher of mathematics.

Starting with Technology.

He says “I feel, the subject of Mathematics has to spark imagination in children, this requires various techniques so that a proper mathematical imagination is developed in them. Further, technology helps to convert imagination into reality” He also feels, the technology is a boon for those students who are poor in studies. It is evident that technology makes the class interesting and always valuable so students get the attraction to the studies. However, it was tough for him to include the required technology because of the unavailability of the resources. Till now he is able to use Projector and PPT followed by creative videos and animation. He has also used various platforms for online classes like YouTube, Google Class, Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Team, etc. Furthermore, he continuously follows YouTube and blogs to learn new techniques. He has been awarded by Rajasthan Govt. in 15th August 2018 for the use of the Diksha platform in creating content for Mathematics.  He says “I was able to create an app for assembly elections and website app for a couple of Teachers Unions for which I was felicitated by both the organizations”. 

He has also trained various teachers as a master trainer in mathematics. Currently for conducting online classes for teachers training by the Diksha platform. he is working as State Level Mentor and District Level Mentor.


The suggestions.

He feels, there is a need for an interactive board along with digital classrooms and various educational software of which most of them should be open source. He says“I suggest my fellow teachers focus more on technology and have expertise because it is need of an hour, furthermore, there is also a need for various seminars which will guide people in pro and cons of the technology”  The Govt. of India recently included coding in the National Education Policy, he feels teachers should definitely have knowledge about it and there is also a need for a course in Education Technology.

The story has been presented by Arpan Sharma, from Scientific Nation in a collaboration with Technoshala, a non-profit organization. Keep updated to the Scientific Nation because a citizen of a multiverse has a story.