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In these 10 lines on pollution, we are going to understand why pollution is the most dangerous problem faced by Earth. We will also see the potential solution to the problem of pollution. Set1: 10 Lines on Pollution in English  When the environment is contaminated with polluting agents, it is called pollution. There are various […]

Discipline is the most important part of one’s life. Without discipline, no one can succeed in life. Be it discipline in school or at home we need to be in discipline. Being in discipline teaches us to be humble and well respected in society. It is the surest way to earn a name in society. […]

An essay on my favorite hobby. (150 words – 250 words) My favorite hobby is watching cartoons on television. I like to watch Chota Bheem and Rudra. Parents say that I should also watch News along with the Cartoon. The news gives us updates on what is happening in the day-to-day life of other people. […]

In the whole earth’s history, Global warming is one of the biggest problems faced by the earth. The glaciers are melting, sea levels are rising, rivers are drying, states are facing droughts and many more problems are caused by global warming. In India so far thousands of people are affected due to the harmful impacts […]

My Favorite Teacher. My favorite teacher is Miss Gunja. She is always smiling and makes me laugh. She is like my friend who helps me in every work. My favorite teacher, miss Gunja never becomes angry. She loves each and every student in the class. An essay on my favorite teacher, short paragraphs. My favorite […]

Set 1: 10 Lines on my school: The name of my school is Central Point Academy. My school is located in one of the most beautiful states of India. My school has 10 Teachers and 100 students. I love my teachers. My favorite subject in my school is science. I also like the mathematics subject. […]

Trees play a vital role in taking carbon dioxide emitted by vehicles and industries. Their plantation helps us in the maintenance of our environment. We know that while breathing we take oxygen and give carbon dioxide. Trees do just the opposite, they take carbon dioxide and gives us oxygen. Here we will see 10 lines […]

We have collected 5 best essay on my country India. Scroll down to see more. One: An Essay on My Country (200 words). My Country India is one of the best nations in the world. I am proud to be an Indian. In this Essay on My Country, we are going to discuss the greatness […]

One: Essay on Organic Farming for Students (Short Organic Farming Essay) Organic Farming is an agricultural method that uses biofertilizers that improves the quality and fertility of the soil. In this short essay on organic farming, we are going to discuss about the pros and cons of Organic Farming. The Organic market has been significantly […]