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Co-education is the education for both boys and girls at the same place or institution. In short form, it is called co-ed. In this form of education, both girls and boys learn in the same college or institution. It is a fact that a girl and a boy have to live together in society. Co-education […]

My home is in the best place in the world. It is in the hilly area of the Himalayas. I see the majestic mountains of the Himalayas each morning. The cool breeze touching the face from the window makes you feel like you are in heaven. I live in a middle-class family. We have a […]

Globalization is a common term used to show the integration between different people, companies, and governments. This is on the global scale where different nations are seen together and a part of one world. It is also a process through which one can expand the business all over the world. For, example Google and Facebook. […]

Humanity is the idea of different perspectives. Some see it as a matter of kindness and some see it as a matter of compassion. However, the best idea is, humanity is the idea to value human beings and other species as humans. We see a lot of cruelty against animals and other human beings. Humanity […]

The Garden is the most important part of the house. Since my childhood, I was interested in Gardening. This made me relaxed and feel good about creating a new life on the earth. Gardening teaches us the true value of hard work. It also teaches us patience because to see the flower we have to […]

Birds are the most special creatures which we can ever see in the sky. They are incredible because they can fly in the sky. Often we imagine that what would be it like to fly over the sky with wings. This is a fantasy of almost every individual on Earth. Once in life, we should […]

The sun largest object that shines in our solar system. Sun is also a star. All the eight planets revolve around the sun. Sun contains hot plasma. There are continuous nuclear fusion and fission reactions that cause it to glow. Scientists say Sun is approximately 4.5 Billion years old and the universe is 13.8 billion […]

National Integration is one of the most important things for having undivided India. Our country had two separate constitutions till the abrogation of Article 370. It was separate for the state of Jammu and Kashmir and for other parts. However, the government of India made sure that we have one nation one constitution. There is […]

Childhood Memories are the natural process that shows what happened in our life. There are many good memories and there are many bad memories. However, childhood memories are the best when it comes to understanding the true us. Childhood memories are those which make us feel good. How cheerful we used to be on those […]

A School Picnic is always a matter of fun. Sometimes we need a break from the books and studies. Picnic is the best thing to do with friends. After, the exams and during the vacations, a picnic can be done at best. One of my favorite schools was that picnic at the Science Park in […]