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NASA detects evidence of a parallel world.

Have you ever wondered about the existence of another world? If not then you are not interested in Science at all. Ancient religious texts say there is another world called Heaven. It might be just a fantasy story but when Scientists work on anything, fantasy can turn into reality. It is up to you to put up a question and decide.

In a recent report, NASA has detected evidence of a parallel universe in Antarctica where time moves backward and the rules of physics are opposite to ours. Yes you read it right, They detected that the high-energy particles namely Tau Neutrino that should have only be coming “down” from space actually came “up” out of the Earth giving evidence of the parallel world. They detected them in ANITA (Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna) which is designed to study high energy particles.

What physics say about Parallel World?

Parallel worlds are the worlds just like ours but exist in different dimensions. You must have read about atoms in your junior classes but that is not complete stuff, there are the electron, protons, and neutrons inside the atoms. Now inside those there exist smaller particles called subatomic particles. They are called Quarks, Neutrinos, Gluons, etc. To understand simply, these Quarks, Neutrino, etc. are also made up of smaller particles (theoretically) called strings, so basically these strings are perfectly bound with space and time (spacetime). In between different atoms there is a large gap for strings to play with laws of physics, these strings can form other atoms, together forming different elements like hydrogen, oxygen, etc. without touching the strings which have already made elements of our Universe.

So someone might be walking from your body from another parallel universe, you will never know it in your lifetime. Well someone might be walking on your wall too which might be a piece of land for them. You will not see them because they are in another dimension made up in the gaps of our atoms. They might be giants, they might be dwarfs, they might be just like us. It seems fantasy is true right?

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