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Mac and the India connection; life, gadgets, and hobbies.

29 Jul, 2020 | Editorial |

Mac and the India connection; life, gadgets, and hobbies.

The Start is always simple.

Mac, was born at Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. He did his schooling from Hallel College in the Nigeria but shifted to Federal Government College, Port Harcourt for Senior Secondary Education. He says “I believe that education is the most important tool for liberation and success. Not limiting education to just what is taught in classrooms”.

I loved robots.

It is for sure that every one of us have once watched the cartoons and imagined to see the real ones. Mac too loved them since childhood. It was since his childhood, he loved Electronics and Gadgets. He was always fond of sophisticated machines and had developed a curiosity in the early days regarding its evolution. He says “As I got older, seeing how the world was evolving with technology brought me even closer with the field of electronics and gadgets”


India, the Key.

India is not only the land of enlightenment but a land where vast culture flourishes. Mac chose India for the higher degree of Engineering. He is currently enrolled at Excel Engineering College, Anna University, Tamil Nadu. In the branch of Electronics and Communication Engineering. He says “I chose Electronics and Communication engineering because of my love for the field and also because virtually almost every industry today depends on electronics which shows how vital it is in today’s world. Secondly, because of the innovative and challenging nature of the field”. Sometimes it is tough for the people to adjust in India because of the food problem. Indian food is all about spices with heavy diet of rice and curry. In Southern Part of India there is more sophisticated version of curry called as ‘Shambhar’ which is mixture of vegetables with more spices.  However, Mac have managed to adjust with the food habit. He says. “I chose India because apart from learning technical skills, I had always wanted to gain exposure to different cultures and new experiences. From the diversity in the food, languages and festivals, to the music as well as the different belief systems. So far it’s been fun and really eye opening”.


I live with my hobbies.

Hobbies are important part of the lives. Scientific Nation urges people to have good past times with genuine ideas. He says “Hobbies are important because they are a great way to have fun with time, and good hobbies can lead to friendships with people with similar hobbies and in some cases turn out to be an exciting and lucrative career”. Mac spends most of his past times in the music. He along with some of his friends are active in YouTube, they make use of the platform to give value to the life. He has learnt few songs in Nepali language which is one of the officially recognized language of India and have presented in the Social Media. The link is given below.

He Says “Music is a very vital part of my life because it is a great form of expression. Secondly, it’s a great way to entertain me as well as the people around me. It’s been a good companion especially during this period of social distancing and isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Apart from music he enjoys playing football, Travelling, playing video games, and Hanging out with friends.

The Future.

Currently, he is in the College itself because of the Pandemic but he is positive about what he has learned in his Engineering course. His Parents have always remained his role model and factor of motivation. However, he feels Elon Musk be his career-wise role model. He Says “My future goal is to hopefully make a breakthrough in my field and also help people achieve their goals in life, especially back in my home country”. He suggests the youths and students toEnsure, learning isn’t limited to the classroom, make learning a lifelong habit’.

The story was contributed by Binod Thami. You can follow him in YouTube through the given link