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Why do humans wear clothes? This is a very simple question and at the same time complex. We, as human beings, wear dresses to look good and protect our bodies from different seasons like summer, cold, rain, and much more. And during this period we change our clothes as per our convenience. Sometimes, we try […]

Stress is unavoidable in society today, at all stages of life. As a student, there is the stress of passing exams and getting a job. After that comes the stress of sustaining your job, ensuring that your marriage is successful, along with the stress of your children’s education. Sometimes it is difficult to handle stress, […]

Busy ness is of satisfaction Everyone is so busy in their life to complete every task on time. Modern life is filled with work deadlines, demands, and achieve kind of stuff along with the desire of another person. We are endeavoring to satisfy the need for friends, family, and others, which causes stress. Today’s stress […]

Why Earthquake Happens? The reason for the earthquake in India and Nepal is understood well. The northern parts of India and Nepal are more prone to earthquakes because two of the tectonic plates have a strong joint. One is the Indian plate, and other is the Eurasian plate. It can be understood like this; when […]