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Category Archive : Optimism Guide

Why do humans wear clothes? This is a very simple question and at the same time complex. We, as human beings, wear dresses to look good and protect our bodies from different seasons like summer, cold, rain, and much more. And during this period we change our clothes as per our convenience. Sometimes, we try […]

Recently during December-January, the world saw greatest rise in the value of Bitcoin. One bitcoin had hit its highest i.e., ₹32,58,664 on 8th January 2021. Sometime back in 2008, its value was almost zero. It reached $1 in 2011. You can imagine, if a person would have deposited around Rs ₹100 sometime in 2011 then […]

Appreciation is a term that we use daily, directly, or indirectly, to create a positive environment at home or office, and any other place. The term is very unprecedented and always forms an intangible bond between two ideologies. I believe that appreciation is a skill because it supports a being, making the connection beautifully. It […]

What is Reality Philosophy? is one of the greatest questions of human history. Probably, an early man also tried to solve this question. The main purpose of the question of what is reality philosophy? is to make you understand the complexity of the problem. Before starting the solution to the great question. Let’s understand what […]

Ever wondered what it is like to be present and why the past haunts you? here is a solution for you to be in present!!!!! It is really tough for people to recover from past life regrets. Life gives chance to be present but the mind has to be active to understand it. Being present […]