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The destiny   “Worry less than you think you should be’’ A few worrisome days back, I went from being blond to blue. The habits mercilessly killed my dreams. However, I worried and cared much about the past and feared future. The anatomy had changed since the power of destiny I believed was going to […]

Introduction In contemporary times, when more than half of the world resides in urban, it has become indispensable to contemplate cities’ sustainability. This idea of sustainable cities brings up the importance of ecological sustainability from the periphery to the core of the discourse. Historically, nature is imagined as something outside the city. This conventional imagination […]

What is Reality Philosophy? is one of the greatest questions of human history. Probably, an early man also tried to solve this question. The main purpose of the question of what is reality philosophy? is to make you understand the complexity of the problem. Before starting the solution to the great question. Let’s understand what […]