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Realizing Dream, Story of Zakir from Jammu and Kashmir

31 May, 2020 | Editorial |

Realizing Dream, Story of Zakir from Jammu and Kashmir

Zakir Mohiudin Peer from a small village named Villigam in Jammu and Kashmir’s, Kupwara district says. ” I wanted to become a doctor but, I ended up choosing B.Sc.”. It was because he couldn’t clear the NEET exams but he realized his dream, He is positive and happy to what he has got.

One of the toppers of 10th Standard.

Zakir was a very bright student, he completed his schooling from a local school named Light House Secondary School, Villigam. He got 88% marks in 10th Standard but things changed when he reached 12th Standard in another institute. The percentage of marks was reduced to 65%.

His financial condition.


The main reason behind such a deviation was his financial pressure and lack of conceptual focus in the 11th Standard. He says:

After I passed my 10th standard Exam with 88%, I aimed for becoming a doctor but due to miserable financial background, my father couldn’t afford to pay a huge amount to any institute. This was a time when I realized that my dreams will never get fulfilled

However, after 10th standard, He joined an institute namely Kupwara Academy Science, Arts, and Commerce. He is always thankful for this institute because they didn’t take fees from him.

Kalam, the inspiration of many.

He is inspired by former President of India, Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam. Zakir always believed in himself no matter what came in his way. He got selected in a coaching institute in merit basis . After, joining a coaching institute namely Target PMT Parraypora, he realised one of his greatest mistakes. His concepts of medical stream were not clear in 11th Standard. Due to this, he was unable to clear the NEET exams which is a pre medical exams in India.


I am still confident.

He knew from his mistake that basics are necessary for clearing any of such examinations. Although, after filtering out every aspect, he realized that he should join B.Sc with life sciences because he was good in the subjects of Zoology, Botany, and Environmental Science. He kept on taking decisions in his life, for which today he has joined Govt Degree College, Handwara, Jammu, and Kashmir. He is thankful to his parents who always supported him regardless of financial condition.

He says his favorite quote is ” Don’t compare yourself with anyone in this world by doing this you are insulting yourself. Choose your goal and stay focused”


His story may not be dynamic but it is practical and based on decisions that he made in his life. A bit of introspection about own self is needed for making such decisions. Scientific Nation all has to say “Think about yourself and see what you are good at, this may not fulfill your all desires but you will definitely realize what your dream is ”

“A desire itself is not a dream, you have to do what you can do best, start thinking about the same, you will get your Dream which Kalam used to tell ”

The final line he suggests is, “Introspect on your Mistakes, eventually, it will become a mystery behind your success.”