THE NEW BEGINNING (Siddharth Singh)


THE Smell of a new book, new cloths and a new life is always fascinating. I was really concerned when I first leant about the Love, about people and society. All way through, I was just a spectator cum Observer. A little dilemma crafted a story in my head. so, one fine day I began to write, when I was just 8.

Penned down few lines about the match we lost, about the girl who missed the school and couldn’t watch me playing. I loved the curiosity of my pencil scribbling the paper in hurry.

You wouldn’t believe but I had never been bored with anything. Not even with “Doordarshan’s Krishi program”.

Today, after a decade and half, I feel there more other than just observing. Believing and creating something which connects love, people & society.

“The editor of Mr. Arpan is just a great friend and i thank him for giving me a great opportunity to deliver something unique.

“When a Writing is rushing down or hopping up the stairs he certainly got something”

“we will be in touch,

with the words: describing our world.

Don’t remember me,

Just Flip the pages.”

siddharth singh