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Story of Aditya, a Marine Engineer Officer and Man of commitment.

13 Jun, 2020 | Editorial |

Story of Aditya, a Marine Engineer Officer and Man of commitment.

This is the story of a person who went on to become an Engineer in the Merchant Navy from a Scout boy in School. It is rightly said Every pro was once an amateur. Every expert was once a beginner. So dream big. And start now.” Aditya Kishor from Nalanda, Bihar is an example of the same. He was once a Scout boy who used to dream of wearing a uniform like that of Navy. Later on, it took some time but he realized what he is capable of and started dreaming of serving the Ships as an Engineer.

Yes! He was a backbencher.

He was a backbencher during his school days. He says.  “ I always used to be a backbencher and I went to School just for not getting beatings from either parents or teachers, I used to be satisfied for getting pass marks in Exams, The only stuff, I was good at was drawing.”.  He did his Schooling from Career Public School, Bihar Sharif till Class 10th, and completed his 12th Standard from M.B.H college, Nalanda.

And journey began.

He says. “After 10th Standard itself I enrolled at a Coaching Institute namely Vision Classes, KankarBagh, Patna, I realized that I was good in Physics and Chemistry but poor in Mathematics”. After the 12th Standard he had appeared for many entrance examinations for Engineering, he was only able to crack it to an average University by that time Namely Vel Tech, Avadi, Chennai. He was selected in the Branch of Mechanical Engineering. However, this University has improved its ranking a lot recently. He says. “I had never seen such a strict Environment in Life where an Identity card was treated as your regular ornament, if you don’t wear it, you are not treated as a

student, for a person like me, it was tough to adapt in such a strict Environment”. The other problems faced by any North Indian person in Chennai or any South India are food, and language. He also faced those problems.

The first Nectar, a Failure.  

The most common quote during School days used to be “Failure is the Pillar of Success”, there is one famous dialogue of Akshay Kumar in Mangaalyaan Movie “Congratulations on your first failure”. One should always remember these two dialogues.  He says. “My fear came true, I was failed in Mathematics during the first year, I was in vacation but after getting results, I immediately rushed to the Avadi, Chennai to know the procedure of reappearing in the exams”. He was much worried about the results but fortunately was consoled by one of his seniors Mithilesh Bhaiya who was residing in the hostel at that time. He says. “For the first time I Knew that failure can be common, as he also had back log in one subject, he told me the importance of projects and internships”. In the second year, he had to appear for two of the toughest subjects in a single day, one which he had a backlog i.e. Mathematics and other was Thermodynamics. He felt something in his heart and committed that he shall surely pass both, and he has to do it anyway. This was the first trigger point of his commitment. He passed in both and soon after passing 2nd Year, he started enrolling himself in different projects.

I loved Machines.

He was fond of Machines, He says. “My first project was Pick & Place Robot with Fire Fighting Robot which I Presented at VISAI 2015, 5TH International Project Competition & Exhibition, for the first time people were really happy with me on a professional level”. This was probably his start line in the upcoming race.  Later on, he worked on various companies like NTPC, BPCL, and MSME for implant training for which he was committed. After reaching the fourth year with the selection from the University he went on to join WABCO INDIA Ltd, Mahindra World City (Chengalpet), Tamilnadu for the final semester project.


The real turning point and connecting the dots.

The real turning point was when one of his seniors said he can join Merchant Navy as an Engineer after doing Mechanical Engineering. Till then his commitments and realizations were limited to his heart but at that time it hit his brain and soul. He committed himself for the next target to join Marine Engineering Training (GME), METI, Cochin Shipyard Limited, Kochi for becoming an Engineer in Merchant Navy. He says. “I used to call my parents daily for six months, just to say that the Merchant Navy is all that I want. In a place like Bihar being an only son brings a lot of expectations from parents as well as from the judgmental society”. The fortune favored him and his parents agreed to his will and commitment. After his parents agreed there was no point in returning back. He says. “I used to be a smoker but after realizing my true potential, I was able to stop smoking just in a single day for making my fitness worth for Navy and prove the world that I am worth it”. He used to wake up at 3 am in the morning to do running and gym. However, as a practical person, he had to do something for backup. He appeared for off campus placement during a job fair at MGR University. It got him selected for a good job at Youngshin automotive PVT Ltd. He says. ” I didn’t inform my family because I had already committed myself for merchant Navy which only had 32 seats”

And the day came.

The day finally came when he got an offer letter with the subject “You have been selected for the admissions”. He was very happy to join the institute but the real challenges had opened their mouth for him. He says. “I was amateur and I had to compete with the students from the institutes like IITs and NITs, I didn’t lose hope, I tried my best to be in their level”

. Fortunately, he was trained under a great officer and worked in various reputed ships. However, he has requested not to disclose the names because of security concerns.

They gave me name “India”.

In the ships there used to be the crew from multiple countries. Pronouncing the names used to be really tough so his crew used to call him “India”. Once, the ship was sailing from Egypt to Romania, there were some disturbances in the engine. He says. “This was the first time when I was given, one of the greatest responsibilities of my life”. The engine room used to have 40-45 degrees temperature, but he had to work by hook or a crook to get the engine repaired otherwise the life of many would be in danger. He tirelessly worked for 48 hours and did the work for his team. The chief engineer was impressed by his will power and commitment. However, he started getting infections too because of engine room Environment but he never lost hope until he cracked one of the toughest exams to become an engineer. His next big aim is to become a Chief Engineer.

On final line he says.

No Matter if you are not good student in School

No Matter if you have not cleared the exams like JEE-Mains or Advanced.

No Matter if you are not placed in the top companies.

Life is much larger than what you think, just believe in yourself, Keep patience and work Harder.

Your Failure will make your path of success”