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Something just like this, a story of life art, a hobbyist painter, Sugato.

27 Aug, 2020 | Editorial |

Something just like this, a story of life art, a hobbyist painter, Sugato.

The Beginning

As said by Pablo Picasso, “Painting is a blind man’s profession. He paints not what he sees, but what he feels, what he tells himself about what he has seen”. We will find a lot of stories where people thrive to earn money through art, people are hungry for success and they forget that art needs to be felt, not money. Today Scientific Nation is presenting to you a story of hobbyist, a perfect person who depicts the song of Chainsmokers & Coldplay – Something Just Like This. His name is Sugato Choudhury, born in Kanpur from a Bengali Parents. Since his childhood, he was interested in painting and drawing. He says “ My grandfather used to play for Mohun Bagan football club, my family is with full of people who are either sportsmen or artists, my father himself is in Central Defence, I always got support from them regarding my hobby”

The Childhood and Cartoon.


It is for sure that during childhood, we used to enjoy our favorite cartoons on Television. The 90s kids had their favorite shows like Pokémon, Jungle Book, Lion King, etc. Sugato used to draw something like circles, polygons, etc. in the drawing books at the age of 5. He says “ My mother used to tell me, repeat it, son, this made me more energized and I used to draw the Pikachu and other Pokémon on my own”. There is always some superhero interest for the 90s kids, the painting was one of the ‘escapes’ for Sugato in superhero connection. He became more devoted towards painting superheroes rather than a feeling of becoming it which this generation kids had.

Bundle of Certificates.

He was always top in drawing and painting. For the showcase, he used to display his art in various school level exhibitions. By the 8th standard in such galleries, the maximum paintings used to be of him. He says “ I got a lot and lot of certificates for art which I used to display to the people, these art pieces used to be of scenery, nature etc. but deep inside, I was more interested in super heroes but those time we didn’t had much options for colouring and the drawing sheets”. After, the 10th standard, due to study related pressure he had to reduce the frequency of the art.

Art makes you happy, money matters less when you are happy.

In college also, he used to draw but never left his hobby because of the study pressure. Instead the art helped him to get rid over all sort of stresses. As said by various successful artists , “Art is only the way to express yourself”, this holds true for him. He expresses himself through the paintings. He says “ In the life full of work life pressure, it is tough for people to become free of stress, the art is my happiness, I am happy, this matters a lot in life, I also go to gym, play football etc. for keeping myself fit and happier”

The IBM connection.

He holds a very good post in the IBM. The designation of cloud engineer, that too in IBM is dream job for many.  His associates are always inspired from his commitment towards the art. In present days he is continuing his art along with his job in more advanced manner. He says “ It is good to be in Job, it gives you a chance to get resources on your will, I still remember, in childhood, there used to be limited resources for drawing but once you start earning, you can always have more stuffs for personal life, the art is my personal stuff and it moves on with the time too, I do digital form of painting these days from the I-pad, it is always good to draw with precision, the digital technologies are good because you can edit it many times as possible and the precision is always maintained”

He adds “ The digital painting has also same feel like that of the paper, you just need to know the feeling of art first”

In the world full of pressure, it is tough to balance work-life and personal life and become happy. It is evident that a lot of people leave their hobby aside. This is the wrong thing to consider because the story of Sugato is enough to prove that happiness matters and this is achieved through the art. Let’s make people aware that they shouldn’t forget what makes them happy because this itself is the end of the stress.