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Stress and Management: with causes and consequences

25 Jul, 2020 | Editorial |

Stress and Management: with causes and consequences

Busy ness is of satisfaction

Everyone is so busy in their life to complete every task on time. Modern life is filled with work deadlines, demands, and achieve kind of stuff along with the desire of another person. We are endeavoring to satisfy the need for friends, family, and others, which causes stress. Today’s stress is an integral part of our life to fulfill the need of another being. It is not limited to young only, but stress is affecting the children or student’s life too. Generally, we believe that only sad events cause stress, but it is not true, stress can occur through a pleasant experience also.

Students are the future.

We know that students are the foundation of the country, and the parents, teachers, and neighbors always endeavor to impose tasks on them for a better future, but it causes inevitable stress in them. Sometimes these types of experiences make them depressed and anxious.  One of the significant problems in students of stress is academic pressure. Everyone wants them to have good marks and reach the immense height of success in the world, and because of that, we are indirectly putting stress on them.


Can stress be good?

Sometimes stress can be good. A certain amount of stress is a useful part of studying. It helps in putting efforts for hard-work and achieve the goal, but pressure makes them sad and dissatisfied, making them more stressed and anxious. We need to consider that, there is a need of distinguishing stress and pressure. If we assist the students or children in completing their tasks, it will help them eradicate the stress easily and make them happy and satisfied. 

The stress level of school and college students are different. In school, students have stress to achieve good marks as a part of a competition with friends. Teachers put pressure on them. Sometimes educators compare the learners based on scores that make a stressful situation for the students. On the other side, the stress level in college-level students is somehow different. For some learners, college is stressful because it is a sudden change of institution. For others, separation from home or parents. This is a major source of stress. I must say that stress is an inevitable part of life; we cannot remove it completely. It helps in personal growth and increases the ability to perform in daily life but there is a need for control.

Reducing Stress

Low Stress is necessary to challenge the learners to learn. Various approaches are needed in decreasing the negative aspects of stress, which lessen a student’s education and performance. Students must understand their feeling of control over their education, the outcome of the result, and acceptance of feedback to reduce stress. The last one has more weight.

Are rewards necessary?

Sometimes rewards are also necessary to support helping the higher stress levels; the question arises here, how? You might not agree with my statement, If a student scored highest marks in the classroom, teachers, and students give a gift for his/her achievement but on the other hand a student who scored very few marks, this situation becomes worst. At that time, they believe that they are nothing in the classroom. But when we are giving gifts to the achiever for their achievement. At the same time, we must provide each student of the same class a reward for motivation. It helps them to reduce the higher stress for that time and also motivates them to do work hard.


The home alone kid and social Network

As we are aware that major families are residing in the cities for their survival and to fulfill their dreams. The parents have their own dream, sometimes they move out to the offices and their children stay in the home like ‘home alone’. This loneliness also can generate high stress. Whenever we are free we must encourage them to create new social networks so they can exchange their thoughts with their friends and families.

This type of relationship benefits them to manage stress. It helps the students to improve their relationships with friends, family, and educators. If they cannot make that kind of relationship with others, it could be hazardous for them because their close ones cannot understand the emotions and feelings, and sometimes it is exploded in the form of frustration and restlessness. If they have a good relationship with others, it reduces stress levels and leads them to be more relaxed and happier.


The key takeaway.

Stress is an ability to learn, perform, and think. Specifically, in the education process, we have enormous work to do simultaneously, which makes us stressed and anxious. Additionally, we should support our students to work under pressure because it helps their capability to do multiple tasks together. Moreover, teachers should understand the learner’s capacity and treat them accordingly so that they feel comfortable in the class, parents also have to do the same things with their children. And also, use the different teaching methods in the classroom and houses.

About Author

Ajit Kumar is a former Gandhi Fellow and worked as a development professional in schools. He is an alumnus of Delhi University and Nalanda University. He has experience in developing libraries and supporting the students professionally. He transliterated a primary source with Harvard University Post Doc Fellow. Additionally, he made and presented a documentary to the Chief Minister of Bihar and his research work was selected in the City University of New York, Queens college, BITS, Pilani and Jaipur National University, Jaipur. Ajit is also interested in Writing, Travelling, Reading and Cooking.