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Climate change is a phenomenon in which there is a change in the weather patterns and environmental conditions for a longer period of time. Climate change is not a new thing. It has been happening since the formation of the earth. However now due to the excess human influence, the temperature of the earth is […]

Air pollution is one of the major problems faced by human beings in present day. Earlier before the Industrial Revolution in 1760s we used to have fresh air but due to rise in factories and vehicles, the air is being polluted. There are various harmful effects of Air pollution. The factories and vehicles send harmful […]

In these 10 lines on pollution, we are going to understand why pollution is the most dangerous problem faced by Earth. We will also see the potential solution to the problem of pollution. Set1: 10 Lines on Pollution in English ¬†When the environment is contaminated with polluting agents, it is called pollution. There are various […]

The weather of India varies from the southernmost tip to the northernmost part of India. The degree of variation in the Effects of Climate Change in India is also greater. The nation has an altitude ranging from 0 m on the sea surface to 8,611 m in Mount Godwin Austin, the highest peak of India. […]

Ankit Pandey, Founder of We, included. and a Gandhi Fellow at the Piramal School of Leadership in Piramal Foundation has graduated from the School of Ecology and Environment Studies from Nalanda University and did Materials Science and Engineering from the National Institute of Technology, and in his previous roles with leading Council of Scientific & […]