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Dark energy is a much heard but little known topic. Read on to know what dark energy is and what happens as it takes on gravity as well as the energy from the big bang simultaneously. The Big Bang A fiery burst of energy in the middle of nowhere out of virtually nothing created our […]

CP Symmetry ( Charge Parity and Symmetry Parity) problem is one of the greatest mysteries of physics. The standard model of physics predicts that matter and anti-matter should have annihilated each other until nothing remained. Yet the universe exists in all it’s grandeur as is evident with the first breath you take. Humans judge beauty […]

Anti-particles are particle alter-egos. When they meet they annihilate each other to give a fiery burst of energy. Just after the Big Bang the particles and antiparticles should have met and the universe should have ended but we exist. Read on to find out how. An Universe-gobbling Mistake What will happen if you take ten […]

Let’s get back to the question we started this series with. How do you see something that weighs nothing, looks like nothing and interacts with nothing? The answer is that it does weigh a little. So little is their mass, that for a long time neutrinos were thought to be mass less. Now we know […]