The Destiny Of Dreams

9 Jul, 2021 | Siddharth Singh |

The Destiny Of Dreams

The destiny

  “Worry less than you think you should be’’

A few worrisome days back, I went from being blond to blue. The habits mercilessly killed my dreams. However, I worried and cared much about the past and feared future. The anatomy had changed since the power of destiny I believed was going to be true. True in some senseless ways, that could not be stopped, by any means or god.        


That obviously had no obvious answer. I however, took myself into dwarf notes making & my name out of it. Perfection killed my thoughts inch by inch. Because I didn’t concentrated on the process but wobbled the destiny.


Easily, I understood that the cause of failure is to be perfect at each level when it doesn’t make any difference.


Today, after making handful mistakes I can say “WHO I AM”?

FREE, UNIQUE, UNITE.  ….. That’s who I am, that’s who you are, and that’s who humans are.

“The left-over”

A failed my mind and a poorer memory make things different. But a great memory with a loosely folded mind becomes a curse. All you live with is The Leftover. The memories you wish could have lasted for long, the moments you wish could have captured for long. The people you knew could have stayed for long and the life you have could have better from now.


One by one, bit by bit, day by day, the life’s curiosity dumps its head and growls that no one could hear. The softness dies complimenting vultures of autumn.

“The leftover now rules our unearthed world, not revolving nor changing.’

“The Lift-over”

Coming to the end, when we start dying with the choices & chances, and start living calumniously. The point of extremism where you look week in muscles, shredded humours pokes out of your lethal smiles. Calmness breaks out and fights the sorrows. The pain flights over you driving crazy.

Now you take a back seat at the plane soaring high with one engine down and you pray for all your deeds and feel guilty & ashamed.

You should reach your destiny by end of this flight. But where it would be? You have chosen the wrong plane? Fortunately, at some point when the flight loses all its control, the life in you lingers and wakes you up.

Woho! You whistle & hustle to save yourself.

Now, you just have ONE LIFE, ONE MOTIVE, and ONE CHANCE & ONE WAY.

(Half-full life)


We will be in touch with the words, describing our world. Don't remember me , just flip the pages. Writer, Thinker, Columnist, Explorer & Dreamer.

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