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The experiences of transitions, from a Researcher and Scientist to Public Services.

14 Oct, 2020 | Editorial |

The experiences of transitions, from a Researcher and Scientist to Public Services.

“When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on”—Franklin D. Roosevelt.

The Beginning

Pratima Ghimiray was born on 29th Dec 1990. She is the youngest child in her family. Both of her parents were working individuals at that time. Her mother was a commerce graduate and she was the one who taught all of the three kids at home. Pratima did her early schooling from Mamring Senior Secondary School and completed her higher schooling from Rhenock Senior Secondary School. Further, she completed her Graduation and Masters from HNBGU, Uttrakhand.

After completing masters, she came back to Sikkim and Started working in DST, Sikkim as JRF. During that time only she was able to clear an entrance for Ph.D. in Kumaun University. She got enrollment as a Ph.D. scholar. She is a great example of hard work and dedication. Pratima maintains professional and personal life with ease because of experiences. She says “I think hard work is the first step towards smart work. And the presence of mind and intelligence has its own importance”. Further, she believes, there is no shortcut to success; hard work teaches discipline, dedication, and determination. An idle person can never gain anything if they sit and wait for a better opportunity to come. She quotes “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”.

An ideal role.

According to her, she does not follow any single person as a role model; She says “I look around and get inspiration from random people. Some give you positivity and at the same time you get negativity as well. I always take criticism as a chance of improvement”.


She adds “An ideal person is someone who influences your outlook towards life. I always look up to my mother as an ideal person. She was kind, strong & hardworking. What makes her truly worthy of looking up to is that she taught her children these qualities through her action”.  

The turning point.

Pratima had worked in a project called “State Biotech Hub” in Sikkim for four long years. This is a period when she was pursuing a Ph.D. too. However, one day suddenly in Feb 2019, they were called upon and informed that the project is over. They should leave the office soon was a suggestion for them. She had given the most productive years of the life to something with utmost dedication and sincerity. However, there was no recognition in return that broke her a bit. However, she got a chance to work as a ‘Project Scientist’ under Climate Change Project for one year till Feb 2020. She says “I made a promise to myself to get to a position where all those who never valued my hard work and criticized me for no good reason will definitely get an answer through my professional success”.

When you have decided to do things on right track, you will look at the various ways to do it. Time management is the most important aspect of exam preparation when you are working. While you think you can do it theoretically, practically it may be difficult, so managing it really is quite tough.

She says “I used to wake up early morning at 5 or 6 and used to study for almost 2 hrs in the morning to prepare myself for the upcoming Public Services Examination, in the morning. And used to do all the household chores along with never to skip exercise routine of mine, then the office for the whole day, but the moment I came back I just used to take time to freshen up, then again straight to the studies till 10 or so. It was very exhausting also, but I consistently followed the same routine. But when you have a goal to achieve in front of you everything else will be sidelined


Her struggle, stress, and misery came to an end after she cleared the prestigious “State public service commission”. She got recognition and currently she is working as a Food and Safety Officer at the Health Department, Govt. of Sikkim.

Life and Reality.

She exercises regularly along with yoga for almost one hour daily which is the best stress reliever for modern times. As a practical person, she always accepts the situation and makes strategies to combat situations. She says “The real thing is: Stress arises knowing that you have no control over your situation and you should accept that there are some things you can’t control, instead focus working towards constructive solutions. The control over the mind is very important”. Further, she feels that the time gives second chance just for the Lucky ones.

It is a fact that life is unpredictable, whenever luck/life gives a chance to prove yourself it gives a restricted time for preparing, what it wants in return is every drop of your sweat and profit you get in return is huge. She says “I think life is just a name for “specific time” like an hour or minute. The specific amount of time in “life” varies between the people”.

She adds “I think accepting the reality is a wise thing to do, but it’s not easy enough. Planning doesn’t work every time but it has its own importance, every new thing should have basic planning but at the same time one should have “come what may type of attitude”


Acceptance is the key.

Even if a situation is terrible, the first step in improving is its acknowledgment. She feels It all begins with the state of mind. We should always own the outcomes that will teach us to do better next time, to see failure as a learning moment.

In the past times, she loves watching travel blogs/vlogs and web series. Along with it she studies novels, listens to some random music on Youtube, etc. Fascinatingly, she likes reading Sherlock Holmes of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Further, she suggests the young generation to keep the goal in mind and to stay focused. She says “You are going to have some ups and downs but continue to press forward. Eventually you’ll get the reward at the end. Just work hard, organize yourself and have perseverance”.

While there are many ways to define success for people. However, there is only one thing we all have in common. That is, we are all trying to be more successful and success starts with attitude. “We can’t change the direction of the wind, but we can adjust our sails always to reach the ultimate destination. Stay Updated with Scientific Nation. Read the stories of optimistic people around in the people section.