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Transferring the vision of Generation X to the Millennials, story of a visionary academician.

28 Sep, 2020 | Editorial |

Transferring the vision of Generation X to the Millennials, story of a visionary academician.

“Our moral responsibility is not to stop the future, but to shape it…to channel our destiny in humane directions and to ease the trauma of transition.”
― Alvin Toffler

The beginning and transferring the knowledge.

Dr. Chetna Upadhaya is a senior lecturer in DIET, Masuda, Ajmer. She has worked 21 years as a lecturer in various institutions in places like Kishangadh, Naseerabad, Byavar, and Ramgunj Ajmer. Further, she has experience of five years as a Principal. Altogether she has 27 years of teaching experience. She was born at Ajmer, Rajasthan, she spent her childhood in Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh. Her parents were employed in the Education Department in Madhya Pradesh. She completed her masters from Vikram University, Ujjain in Child Development, and completed her Ph.D. in Adulthood from M.D.S. University, Ajmer, Rajasthan in the topic of “Role adjustments among adolescence”.

During the time period of Generation X, which is followed by the millennials it was tough to see the technology, the televisions were only the available technology. During those times Ajmer was declared as fully literate city, yet something was missing. The transition of generation was happening and illiterate people of Generation X in the least started putting up their signature in the paper.  They were unable to understand other letters beside the signature. However, the more important thing was employment. Hence, it became necessary for people to develop an interest in the subject to take up employment. To take up the challenge, she prepared a small documentary named “ Aksharo ka Fasal ( Agricultural field of letters). Her quotation in the documentary “ Aao Hum Kheto main, Akshar Lagana Shikhey, Krishi Pradhan desh mey, Aksharo ka Fasal Ugana Shikhey” ( Unite in the fields, let’s sow the seeds of letters, in the nation of agriculture, let’s learn growing the letters )

 is still quoted by many.

Interest in Technology

She says I feel, use of technology makes teaching interesting and fascinating, it is a whole lot of entertaining to teach students through new technologies, it helps to create imagination in students which is it’s positive aspect.” She got interested in technology due to the advertisements on the television, they leave an impact on the students because of the visualization. She adds “This sparked a thought in my mind, why not apply technology in teaching?  As visualization is more important and children are always interested in these things

The interest in subjects is very important for children. Ability, motivation, and practice are on the other page so she thought why not identify interest first? Further, she got a research interest in the same. She says “The question in my mind took shape as a research interest, I thought why not to understand the phycological aspect in class XI students for letting them know their subjects of interest in correct manner?”

 She prepared a written document followed by the documentary to make students realize their true interest when they transit from secondary level to higher secondary level. The documentary was of 50 minutes with title “ Daswi kaksha paschat vishaya chayan hetu margadarshan paramarsh ( Consultant for finding interest in students post-secondary education )  

The present and the future.

She says “My desire is to reach out to maximum students, so that it would help them in choosing a better future based on their own interest”. She got full support from her family and students. This documentary has reached maximum students and she wants to make it reach more to help children in finding the correct path. Furthermore, she is giving her full in preparing such materials for the illiterates so that they learn with interest.  She says “ I have prepared series of documentaries on Indian vowels, Indian consonants and preliminary number system for them, I am fortunate that I got support from the people from all around


She got various awards for her good works like Best Director Award, International Film Festival, Jaipur, Best Jury Award, ICT Mela 2017, Best Reading Action Chairperson, International Lions Club in 2017-18, she officiated in the lead role for the formation of e-content for the sixth standard to overcome the difficulties faced by children in Science subject. She feels, during the time of pandemic technology helped to reach out to maximum students. Along, with documentaries, she used YouTube and Zoom regularly to reach out to many. She is really an inspiration for those who want to create a meaning of life in the multiverse, keep updated with Scientific Nation because Citizen of the multiverse has a story.

The story has been presented by Arpan Sharma, from Scientific Nation in a collaboration with Technoshala, a non-profit organization. Keep updated to the Scientific Nation because a citizen of a multiverse has a story.