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What is Reality Philosophy? a quantum perspective.

1 Dec, 2020 | Kaudinya Arpan |

What is Reality Philosophy? a quantum perspective.

eye for quantum perspective of what is reality philosophy

What is Reality Philosophy? is one of the greatest questions of human history. Probably, an early man also tried to solve this question. The main purpose of the question of what is reality philosophy? is to make you understand the complexity of the problem. Before starting the solution to the great question. Let’s understand what people think about reality.

early man tried to solve what is reality philosophy

People often try to relate reality with science. This is probably one aspect of it, however, there is more to it. There is a Universe within the big multiverse. We the humans think we only are the living species in the whole big multiverse. It is probably a silly interpretation of existence. So, when we talk about existence, there comes the same question, what is a Reality Philosophy?

The untouched question of Empirical Science, What is Reality Philosophy?

There are various philosophers who argue that science cannot describe the whole reality. It is because there is ‘empirical limits of science’. Within this limit, you cannot establish a perfect relation between different things. There is a limit called the ‘Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle’

which says there is a limit to our measurements. You cannot measure below a certain length in a particular period of time.

Why I am discussing the Heisenberg Uncertainty principle? must be the new question in you. I am mentioning it because if there is a limit in the measurement of quantum (very small) particles, something is odd. Our consciousness is majorly because of quantum particles only. Probably from cells to electrons to the particles below them.  


Let’s see more to answer what is reality philosophy?

Yes, our consciousness only creates the question of what is reality philosophy? And, the consciousness is all about electric charges inside the small units called neurons. Who will guarantee that our consciousness is just because of charges only or electrons or positrons?

What if the consciousness is because of smaller particles like Quarks, or Strings, or even smaller? There is a theory called string theory in physics that makes great mathematical inferences by assuming the strings to be the smallest of the particles. They are thought to be smaller than the electrons or protons. Scientists say that String theory can give us the ultimate understanding of reality via the theory of Everything.

What if our consciousness is because of the strings or even some smaller object?

Unless there is a proper scientific experiment you cannot know where our consciousness lies. However, these are some basic assumptions only. These things will only remain as a hypo thesis just like a Quantum mind. In this, scientists argue that consciousness can be studied through quantum mechanics or by studying the smallest particles.


Why consciousness is the answer to the question ‘what is reality philosophy?’

Many people say that whatever they see or hear is reality. This is not the real assumption to make while solving such questions like what is reality philosophy? We see things because the light is falling to our eyes and some cells process that light to make us see the image. We hear because some sound wave comes into our ear and some cells process it to make us understand its sound. The thing that makes us understand is the action of neurons or the mind only.

The reality is manipulated by what we tend to think. This is probably shaped by the first being to appear on the planet.

The first being/thing matters in the question of what is Reality Philosophy.

The first being/thing is probably the information passed on by the multiverse to the earth. This is in the form of some chemical compound like amino acid or RNA. Some of the scientists say protein came first. It is evident that the protein formation follows the laws of chemistry which is just another version of the laws of physics. There is certainly the laws of conservation of energy and matter involved. Or, better-known cause and effect.

consciousness in understanding what is reality philosophy

So, when we talk about the law of conservation and energy we have to shift to the physical laws. The law of physics is involved in the formation of consciousness too. Science is probably bound by a limit in consciousness related studies.

So, only the philosophic investigation will be able to answer this question.

However, as per the thinkers like Penrose and Hameroff, the consciousness has to be dealt as a quantum mechanics problem. Although, it is probably tough for science because of the ‘empirical limits’. You cannot put a human being into particle accelerators like a large hadron collider just to understand the particle composition of your neural activities. Also, there is still no proof for the theories like string theory.

physics for solving what is reality philosophy

So, the problem of what is reality philosophy? has to be dealt with intellect rather than going scientifically at least for now. Unless we have a theory of everything, the ultimate equation that describes the nature of reality. We might solve this question of what is reality philosophy? after this only.

So the Reality philosophy is a problem itself that needs to be addressed by solving the existentialism questions first. You can read the article on existentialism from here to know more.