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The Wonders of Science Essay For Students in English

9 May, 2021 | Editorial |

The Wonders of Science Essay For Students in English

wonders of science

Wonders of Science are computers, electricity, physics, and many more. Scientific Nation is pleased to present an essay for students and children on science and its wonder.


We are living in the era of science and technology (विज्ञान और प्रौद्योगिकी). Science has helped us to solve our difficulties with ease. Scientists do hard work for us, we have to recognize their importance.

In present time without science there is no life. With the help of Scientific Knowledge we can solve many day to day life problems. In India also Science has also contributed in many things including the agriculture.

Advantages of Science 

The knowledge of Science (विज्ञान का ज्ञान) has given many things as a gift to the humankind. We can fly in the sky through airplanes. We can travel on land by bike, train, buses, etc. Science is also able to solve the greatest problems of the mind. We are on the verge of finding the fate of humanity. Scientists have discovered the existence of black holes, dark, matter, atoms, and many more things.


Disadvantages of Science.

We shouldn’t say that Science has disadvantages but its use has also caused many problems. The major problem is the Climate Change and Global Warming. Pollution is also one of the major problems caused by the use of Science for human greed.

Means of Transport  

With the discovery of means of transport like Aeroplanes, Buses, Cars, Trains, and Ships we are able to go from one place to other with ease.

During ancient times people used to travel using bullock carts(बैलगाड़ी) and horses to short distances. Today due to easy means of transport like Aeroplane we can travel to any place in the world.

Means of communication 

Science has given us various means of communication. In earlier days there used to be no telephones or mobile phones. People use to transmit the information using letters and telegrams. Today we can communicate with each other using mobile phones and other electronic mediums using emails.


The computer is one of the biggest achievements of human beings in the world. Today we are able to get everything through the computer. We can get the latest news through the internet and we can also order physical products online through the computer. Today’s era is incomplete without computers.

Electricity .

Electricity is also one of the biggest inventions of Science. It has illuminated the whole world with light. Electricity is majorly responsible for the functioning of the modern world. From charging mobile phones and laptops to illuminating the houses and streets. Everything is done by electricity.



Physics is one of the greatest achievements of human beings. Due to physics, we are able to know about stars and planets. Due to physics only we know about atoms and subatomic particles.


In the Entertainment world also Science has played a vital role. Television is one of the greatest inventions. Along with television, we have multiplexes and halls where we can watch movies.

Medicine and Surgery

Science has also given us most valuable assets of all time. It is the medicine and surgery. We can go to hospital to get our treatment done. In ancient times there used to be no doctors so patients usually died without getting proper treatment. With the advancement of medicine and surgery science has been able to give greatest gift of all time.


Science has given many things to society. We have to respect the scientists. At the same time, we also have to ensure that science is used for good of the Earth. It should not cause harm to anybody.


10 points: Wonder of Science essay 

  1. Science is a wonder.
  2. Science gave us electricity and light.
  3. Science gave us means of transportation for our ease of living.
  4. Science gave us means of communication to connect with people.
  5. Science gave us great knowledge of physics.
  6. Science gave us great Computational facilities.
  7. Science is the medium of knowledge.
  8. The computer is the greatest invention of science.
  9. Science has many wonders.
  10. The smartphone was given by Science.
essay on wonders of science

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